Do you need someone? Life like a stream

Do you need someone? Life like a stream

And many times after this day, she was looking for something to read. Looking in her boxes, found a poem who said:

Do you need someone?
Someone who cares?
Do you need someone?
in the times of dispair?

Have you ever thought
in all the things you see?
Or you just think the life
based on the things you need?

Did you ever need someone someday?

or just when you´ve looked up the sky
and just realize
that life is unmeaning when you don´t have
anyone by your side?

And when I thought about it
Realized my need
Saw the time has passed by
saw the time I haven´t see

And then she leaves to go to a stream near of her house. There started to think:

My life is like a stream
who runs across the cities
never is the same when I look
always change as this little river

The time is passing by
like a poem I´ve just readed
and I´ve looking for someone
someone who I´m the expectation
of his need…

Fabrício Veliq
05.04.2010 – 10:21


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