We need to become a humble Christianity

We need to become a humble Christianity

These days, I´ve been thinking about the great desire that, especially gospel people, have in become influence in the world. It is quite common, at least in Brazil, every end of the year, the leadership ask about how many lives were gain for Jesus and how did we influence other people in our faculty, job, and so on. 

There is nothing wrong in see yourself as someone who needs to influence people to do right things. The gospel of Jesus is about being influent in the society by the path of the love. 
The problem is when the Christianity considers itself as the only who can have influence on others and not be influenced by anyone. When this happens, the Christianity falls in what we can call absolutism, which means to consider itself as the one who possess the total knowledge of the truth. 

By doing that, of course, there is no way to build a dialogue with the others. Every attempt of dialogue would be only to convert those who don´t believe as Christianity does.

Nowadays, these kinds of behavior doesn´t help a lot. It causes more prejudice than constructive ways to live with those who think different than us. Our society needs a Christianity who is able to dialogue and see itself as someone in the middle of a lot of religions around the world. In other words, a humble Christianity who dialogue and has the disposition to learn with other religions in what they have to say.

If we could do that, I believe Christianity can become a voice heard around the world, and especially in Brazilian situation. 

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