Why this?

Why this?

One can ask: why another blog?

The first reason is because I do like to write. The second, which can also be considered as a first, is because my other blog, www.fveliq.blogspot.com is in Portuguese and I really need to improve my skills in the English language. So, probably, there will be some grammar errors and I ask a kindly reading for you that arrive, somehow, here.

Why theological hiking? 

First of all, I do love theology. Since I was a little child I started to read the Bible and to talk about theological issue with my pastors, mommy, brother and friends. Since I started the theology studies in a more systematic way, I realize that theology is a long way to go and become a theologian is something that takes a long time as well. 

Another thing is that I really like is to do hiking with a backpack when I travel. It is something that really makes me happy. When we start to hike in some places, we don´t know what to expect. This is why we always have to be with a good shoe, backpack, pants and sweater, i.e, we have to be prepare to face a track that we don´t know yet, 

For me, when I start to try to becoming a theologian, what I did was start a long hike and, until now, it has been an amazing path.

So, the name of the blog has these two meaning: first, it wants to be a report of my journey in this theological hike and second is about to share my thoughts about the life and the situations around me, which I believe, is part of this theological way.

So, my hope is that in the future, I can look back to this blog and see part of this hike registered.


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