Try to get the wind and hold the clouds…

Try to get the wind and hold the clouds…

Hold the wind
And your hands will be tired
Try to hug the clouds
and will realize that it´s impossible
to get the rain

Say a good word
for those who are down
and will realize
that sometimes, little
words can refresh the broken hearts

Hear the voices
of those who cry out
and will realize that
the gospel begins in the
answer of the cries of human souls

Sweet hearts in the broken chests
who will listen to you?
maybe just those who hear
the voices of the crying souls.
And for sure, these are the ones
who will say you the sweet things
to confort you…

Until there, don´t try to
get the wind.
just wait and the clouds
will hug you..

And in the hugs of the clouds
you will realize
the hugs of the Father…

Good Father who gets our winds
and hugs us with the clouds..

Fabrício Veliq
09.02.10 – 11:29



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