Gone with the wind
I feel like the answer is over there
Feeling like this wind is carring the hope
The hope that I had before

Having the answer in the windstorm
And sunddenly see it going away
It´s hard to keep the hope
It´s hard to keep stand and not bown down
Front against the obvious

But if the windstorm is against the place I stand
And all the signs shows that there´s no hope
I will wait.

Where do you keep your hope?
Where do you keep stand in the windstorm?
This make the diference
This is won´t let you fall

Someday I´ll watch the stars
and will try to see something there
Maybe something I have always dream
It´s passing by me but I´m don´t prepare

And the windstorm is passing
Taking the hope and carring the dream
Someday I´ll understand,
Someday I´ll get there…

Fabrício Veliq
27.07.09 18:22


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